Sunday, April 12, 2015

Off the rails

I just came out of an experience in the comments section of where, rather than defending the Catholic faith against uninformed attacks, I found myself sucked into contentious arguments with some thoroughly hostile people. And, being the pillar of spiritual perfection that I am, I was in there scratching and biting with them over such things as the supposed foolishness of "theists" or whether the Masoretic or Alexandrine texts were more reliable. So much for reasoned and dispassionate discussion.

I can only comfort myself in knowing that this is a really human tendency. But I tend to define all human tendencies as sin unless they are informed by the Holy Spirit. I would really prefer that people who disagree with me could come here for a little more civilized debate but that's apparently not exciting enough.

So I shall blog on. Whether or not anyone ever finds this site, I can at the very least use it as a journal and derive the benefit that always comes from committing one's thoughts to written form.

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